Summary: Sandbox Batch Orders, Account Onboarding Improvements

Sandbox Batch Orders

We have expanded our API with endpoints to support batch orders.

  • New endpoints are available to create, confirm and fetch a batch order.
  • This feature introduces new types in the document endpoint.
  • This feature introduces new types in the events endpoint.
  • The webhook message format has been updated to reflect requirements for batch orders.

Account Onboarding Improvements

The account onboarding process has been subject to a few improvements:

  • The properties gender and marriage_status are not required anymore.
  • The knowledge + experience profile is not required to open an account. However, it will remain a prerequisite to
    trade instruments of those categories.
  • The different categories of the knowledge + experience profile are optional now. You need to specify at least one of
    them and you cannot overwrite an existing category.